General terms and conditions VOChuys


  1. The tenant: A person (m/f) and possibly others who hires a holiday home in his or her name.
  2. The provider: The owner of the VOChuys or it’s representative.
  3. The site: The website
  4. The rental agreement: Agreement to hiring of the holiday home shall be deemed to have been concluded between tenant and provider to establish.


1. Booking and Cancellation

  1. An application for reservation of the holiday home is exclusively through booking via the website or by e-mail. The reservation is confirmed after paying the deposit.
  2. The deposit must be paid on the account of the provider within 14 days after confirmation of the reservation.
  3. After receiving the payment the reservation is definitely confirmed and the rental agreement is established. Cancellations by tenant after this confirmation therefore costs due.
  4. In case of cancellation by the tenant at more than 90 days before arrival a fee of 15% is due, within 90 – 60 days a fee is due of 25%, within 60-30 days 50%, within 30 days 90% and within 3 days 100%, all these percentages of the net rent (excluding costs and 
    deposit)  with a minimum of 80 euros.
  5. Tenant must take care of an cancellation insurance themselves.


2. Payment 

  1. The rent (including deposit and tourist tax) are met entirely through the bank.
  2. The deposit is 25%. The remaining amount must be paid four weeks before arrival.
  3. For bookings within four weeks of arrival the full amount has to be paid.
  4. When – after 1st reminder – there are no payments received, the reservation will be canceled without obligation to repay a deposit already paid.
  5. Departing earlier than planned – regardless of reason or cause – does not lead to a refund of rent paid and costs for cleaning.
  6. If the provider has sold the house by force majeure (or intended) and therefore has to cancel the lease the provider will inform the tenant immediately by e-mail. The provider committed to immediate repayment of sums already paid. The tenant has no right other than recovering this amount.


3. Deposit

  1. The tenant pays a deposit.
  2. From this deposit any amount will be outflanked if any damage is caused to the property, inventory, the environment or if the commitments are not met by the main tenant, his fellow tenants or visitors. Or if not complied with the payment commitments.
  3. The final inspection of damage is done after the departure of the tenant unless the tenant made a demonstrably agreement with the provider.
  4. If after the end of the rental period there is no reason to withhold the deposit, the remaining part of the deposit will be paid back.


4. Liability

  1. The tenant must be 21 of age or older. Without accompanying parents on arrival access to the house will be denied. If in doubt, the provider may ask for ID. In case of violation the tenant will be ordered to leave the house immediately. There are no refunds in this case.
  2. The tenant remains legally responsible for damage that he has caused, even if the damage is determined after the rental agreement has ended.
  3. The tenant is legally responsible for the (not) acting of his co-tenants and visitors, and the damage they may cause. Tenant must have a liability insurance.
  4. The provider is not liable for damages that the tenant or it’s visitors or their belongings experience as a result of his stay in the house or surrounding garden.


5. Smoking

  1. Smoking indoors is not allowed.


6. Pets

  1. Pets are not allowed.


7. Arrival and departure

  1. The arrival time is between 15:00 and 17:00  in the afternoon. Departure is between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning. Tenant must strictly adhere to these times.


8. Responsibilities and obligations

  1. Concerning the smooth running of the stay, the tenant is obliged to obey the guidelines of the provider. The tenant is legally liable for the damage resulting of its wrongful behavior or failure to comply with the guidelines or general conditions.
  2. The tenant handles the rented house, the furniture and its surroundings with respect, including the effect on the environment.
  3. The tenant is obliged to provide access to the house or the garden for necessary repairs and maintenance.
  4. The tenant must leave the present appliances clean and empty before departure.
  5. Use of audio, video and household equipment is subject to good effect.